About our solution

Optical and Rf Constellations on Aircraft (ORCA): The missing layer.

Optical and Rf Constellations on Aircraft (ORCA): A disruptive 'new space' constellation using commercial airlines.

ORCA helps us better understand our planet by looking at it from above. By mounting sensors on commercial airliner aircraft, we can provide various Earth observation and Telecommunication services.

ORCA has the potential to democratise Earth Observation data, by producing affordable high resolution and high frequency data accessible for all. ORCA is a ‘game changer’, allowing services that are either inconceivable or too expensive with existing systems, for example for forest fires monitoring or as a valuable data source for Copernicus for environment and climate monitoring. It can furthermore monitor the heat distribution of human made structures to extract insights into economic activity, energy efficiency and carbon footprint, or enable the monitoring of atmospheric parameters in support of the European Emission Trading System.

Rolling out in Europe, the data produced will be available for any European user interested in areas the airliner flies over, including Luxembourg.

Several of production and design partners of SkyfloX are also based in Luxembourg.

Initial rollout will be in Europe. North America will follow.

The interest of SIF label

Recognition, network (co innovators and investors), communication/outreach platform.

Having used the label in our communications with potential partners, users and European level organisations has made a noticeable difference.

The information requested for the application process required some preparation but was certainly doable.