About our solution

Contributing to a better world by building technology for single step, dry surface functionalisation.

MolecularGRIPTM is a new manufacturing technology for surface functionalization that enables a dramatic reduction of the amount of chemistry required compared to incumbent wet-chemical technologies. It uses super-low energy cold atmospheric plasma as a tool to graft a nanometric layer of the desired functional chemistry onto any substrate.

Typical applications include surface priming of inert materials prior to adhesive bonding, safe virucidal functionality on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and air filters using citric acid, bactericidal functionality on textiles, silicon-free and fluor-free release coatings, single-step immobilization of biomolecules such as antibodies and anti-biofouling coatings.

Surface priming for adhesive bonding in complex and difficult composite structures.

Development of next generation diagnostic sensors with several academic as well as industrial partners

Yes, we are active globally.

The interest of SIF label

Independent verification and validation of our solution as well as enhanced visibility and networking possibilities.

Improved credibility and visibility.

No, the process is very thorough and requires a lot of input.