About our solution

Maximizing materials efficiency for a better environment.

To reduce the environmental footprint and manufacturing cost of plastic packaging.

All polymer based articles.

One concrete application is the manufacturing of PET bottles for water or soft drinks. Keiryo has developed a processing technology that allows to use less plastic per bottle. In doing so you reduce CO2 emissions and waste generated. The technology also allows to use more recycled material and bio based materials. All these benefits contribute to the acceleration of the circular economy for plastics.

Our technology is not market ready yet but when it does it will be applied in Luxembourg.

Our technology is by design highly scalable and very cost efficient. It is not yet market ready but by its nature it will be applied all over the world, in all places where plastic bottles are manufactured and used.

The interest of SIF label

The interest is twofold. Firstly, it provides visibility on the SIF platforms and with the various partners of the foundation. Secondly, it provides validation and credibility due to the certification process.

The label provides an external certification hence, validation to the project. Furthermore, the certification process requires to provide evidence on the technical and commercial feasibility of the solution. This is data that is useful with other stakeholders as well.

Your solution has to undergo a thorough analysis by independent experts. You need to demonstrate the your project has an environmental benefit but also that it is commercially sound. A lot of data and evidence is requested during this evaluation process. Hence, you cannot say it is easy to get the label.