About our solution

We take plastic waste nobody wants and transform it into products everybody needs - without compromising on profitability or sustainability, we unlock the value of the circular economy.

Clariter’s ultimate goal is to change the way the world treats plastic waste. We transform waste into high-value products with an innovative, cutting-edge technology.

Clariter offers a highly profitable, scalable commercial carbon recycling solution that unlocks the circular economy, provides waste-based alternatives to crude oil-based products, and reduces dependency on crude.

Using an innovative chemical recycling process, Clariter upcycles plastic waste into new sustainable materials for industries that traditionally relied on petrochemical products.

Clariter’s unique process transforms the majority of plastic waste types into high-quality, high purity, ready-to-use industrial products: oils, waxes, and solvents.

In addition, an independent Life Cycle analysis confirmed Clariter’s technology to be carbon-negative. Thus, manufacturers that switch from petrochemical products to Clariter products actually reduce carbon emissions.

Clariter’s domains are recycling, green sustainability, and climate change.

Clariter transforms low-value polluting plastic waste into high-value, sustainable, FDA-standard products for the industry. Manufacturers that switch to Clariter products contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions.

Clariter ends the life of plastics and reduces demand for fossil fuels, driving a sustainable economy and a clean industry of the future.

Lastly, Clariter can strengthen local markets and economies by helping them transform their local plastic waste into high-demand products while also creating local green jobs.

Clariter is registered in Luxemburg. Currently, the company plans to begin its global rollout by building plants in Israel, Poland, and the Netherlands. Other countries will follow.

Clariter’s technology makes it possible for any nation, large municipality, or industrial center (including in less-developed countries) to build local Clariter plants that use local waste and transform it into valuable products. This can empower local economies by creating local green jobs, increasing sustainability, and decreasing the need for fuel-consuming imports and dependency on crude oil.

Clariter already has multiple commercial partnerships in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The interest of SIF label

Clariter’s technology is mature and ready for full-scale global rollout. Therefore, we hope our SIF label will increase our visibility to investors that wish to invest in scalable, sustainable, profitable green businesses.

This exposure also raises awareness among policymakers, NGOs, and the general public of Clariter’s innovative technology and its enormous economic and sustainable potential. This is another component that will help our upcycling solution to scale up and turn the dream of a world without plastic waste into a viable reality.

The SIF label is a stamp of approval of the highest calibre that demonstrates commercial and technological credibility and green credentials. The SIF stamp is respected worldwide, particularly in Europe, and it helped us reach out to potential partners.

Getting the SIF label was a challenging and worthwhile process. Any meaningful achievement should not come easy and must be earned. Fortunately, Clariter’s mission and technology fit perfectly with that of the SIF – combining innovation, profitability, and sustainability to produce a real scalable solution for the global environmental challenges. We are proud to have earned the SIF label and consider the Solar Impulse Foundation to be a valuable collaborator.