About our solution

Worldwide expertise in electromechanical components.

The aim is to make electric vehicles safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient by recuperating and storing waste heat.

Electric vehicles in cold environments.

Just like we recuperate kinetic energy when driving electric, our solution allows to recuperate thermal energy, under the form of heat. Usually, this takes an additional storage device, but we propose to use the existing mass of water from the washer reservoir to do so. It is not applied yet, but the most logical application will be electric vehicles that need to heat up the passenger cabin after a cold overnight, so they can do that using stored heat instead of electrical power from the battery.

It may be applied in all regions that have some cold seasons.

It may be applied in all cold regions or regions that have a cold season.

The interest of SIF label

The SIF label is not only a qualifier for the innovative character of a solution, but also for its market potential. Small but effective solutions often go unnoted next to high-visibility proposals, therefore the label is a good way to bring the idea to a large community.

It put us side-by-side with eco-friendly solutions and got us some market feedback already.

Not so easy. It took some testing, simulation and lifecycle calculation to prove the concept and translate the idea into tangible numbers that hold against the critical look of scientific experts.