About our solution

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose.

Our solutions aim to treat polluted industrial and process waters so that they can be environmentally friendly discharged or reused, to save or to replace fresh water.

Maritime, industrial, food and waste management sectors.

  • Compact modular installations to be placed onboard of vessels to treat the water which cleans the exhaust gases, before it gets discharged to the sea according to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) norms.
  • Modular installations to treat process water for irrigation needs
  • Modular installations to treat contaminated waters for drinking water applications.

Given the size of our country, only a small percentage of our installations is applied in Luxembourg.

Almost the entirety of our products is used at international level, in some of the most demanding environments and for some of the most challenging applications.

The interest of SIF label

More exposure and awareness of our company will promote the attractiveness and efficiency of our solutions.

We are honoured to have this label, it enabled us to become more visible on the industrial map and it offered us the recognition as a sustainable innovator.

As a cleantech manufacturing company, we are developing customized solutions that are more than just environmentally friendly, they are profitable, efficient and sustainable.

These attributes have been identified by the Experts from Solar Impulse foundation to fulfil both ecological and economic criteria that were necessary to validate our submission.

We are willing to continue the cooperation with Solar Impulse Foundation for our future innovative endeavours.